August 22nd, 2011


Remember Proposition 19? Well, Fuhgeddaboutit! Say hello to the end of prohibition. Instead of adding new limitations to an already convoluted tangle of laws and regulations, The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012 (RCPA) shall remove the laws that first put a wall between the public and their cannabis. Here’s the COMPLETE text (only 753 words!):

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012

This initiative measure is submitted to the People of the State of California in
accordance with the provisions of Article II, Section 8 of the Constitution.

This initiative measure adds Chapter 6.7, entitled Repeal of Cannabis Prohibition,
to Division 10 of the Health and Safety Code.


SECTION 1. Sections 11420, 11421, 11422, 11423, 11424, 11425, 11426, 11427, and
11428 are added to the Health and Safety Code, to read:

11420(a). This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Repeal Cannabis
Prohibition Act of 2012.
(b)(1) The People of the State of California hereby find and declare that the
purposes of the Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012 are as follows:

(A) To ensure that adults have the right to obtain and use cannabis.

(B) To ensure that adults who participate in cannabis related activities are not
subject to criminal arrest, prosecution, or sanction.

(C) To make cannabis available for scientific, medical, industrial, and research

(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to supersede legislation prohibiting
persons from driving impaired, nor to condone the diversion of cannabis to minors.

(c) Cannabis means marijuana as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 11018 and
concentrated cannabis as defined in Section 11006.5.

11421(a). The following statutes are hereby repealed from the Health and Safety
Code: Section 11054(d)(13), Section 11054(d)(20), Section 11357, Section 11358,
Section 11359, Section 11360, and Section 11361. Section 23222(b) of the California
Vehicle Code is hereby repealed. Cannabis related activities are hereby removed from
the prohibitions contained within Health and Safety Code Sections 11364.7, 11365,
11366, 11366.5, 11379.6 and 11570.

(b). The repeal of Health and Safety Code section 11360, as related to sales only,
will be effectuated within 180 days of passage of the Act in order to allow the
California Department of Public Health the opportunity to enact commercial cannabis

11422. It shall not be a crime or public offense for an adult to use, possess,
share, cultivate, transport, process, distribute, sell or otherwise engage in
cannabis related activities.

11423(a). The California Department of Public Health shall oversee the regulatory
system for the commercial cultivation, manufacturing, processing, testing,
transportation, distribution, and sales of cannabis. This shall include promulgation
of regulations to control, license, permit, or otherwise authorize the commercial
cultivation, manufacturing, processing, testing, transportation, distribution and
sales of cannabis. These regulations shall include appropriate controls on the
licensed premises for commercial cultivation, sales and on-premises consumption of
cannabis including limits on zoning and land use, locations, size, hours of
operation, occupancy, protection of adjoining and nearby properties, and other
environmental and public health controls. These regulations may not include bans of
the conduct permitted by this Act.

(b) Any regulations created by the California Department of Public Health may not
impede on the individual rights set forth in this Act. Any taxes, regulations, fines
and fees imposed pursuant to this section shall not be imposed on personal amounts
of cannabis below 3 pounds of processed cannabis and 100 sq. ft. of cannabis plant
canopy provided that the processed cannabis was not sold or purchased pursuant to
subdivision (a).

(c) The California Department of Public Health may regulate the smoking of cannabis
in public and where minors are present.

11424. This Act, and all state implementations of this Act, shall preempt enactments
of local jurisdictions with the exception that local jurisdictions may enhance the
rights and protections of persons involved in cannabis related activities beyond
what is delineated by the state or this Act.

11425. This Act shall not adversely affect the individual and group medical rights
and protections afforded by California Health and Safety Code 11362.5 through

11426. Cannabis related conduct that contributes to the delinquency of a minor shall
remain punishable by Penal Code section 272. Driving while impaired by cannabis
shall remain punishable by Vehicle Code Sections 23103, 23152(a) and 23153.
Impairment occurs when a person’s mental or physical abilities are so impaired that
he or she is no longer able to drive a vehicle with the caution of a sober person,
using ordinary care, under similar circumstances.

11427. If any provision of this Act or the application thereof to any person or
circumstance is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or
applications of the Act that can be given effect without the invalid provision or
application, and to this end the provisions of this Act are severable.
11428. The provisions of this Act shall become effective November 7, 2012.

Co-proponents Joe Rogoway Esq., Frank H. Lucido M.D., PebblesTrippet, William Panzer
Esq., and Omar Figueroa Esq. comprise The Committee to Repeal Cannabis Prohibition
and can be contacted at (707) 520-4205.

December 24th, 2010

Father Christmas: the man and the myth

Bishop Nicholas of Smyrna (Izmir), hailing from present-day Turkey, is the basis for the Christian story of Saint Nick; living during the 4th century A.D, he was a very rich and generous man, who found joy in throwing surprise gifts into the windows of poor unfortunate children; eventually, The Orthodox Church hailed him as the patron saint of children and seafarers, while reserving the sixth of December for his name alone.

And that is the only actual person who could seriously be considered a real-life Santa Claus; but, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch – does it? Anyway, thats the man, so what about the myth?

The mythological man is rooted in the Dutch legend of Sinter Klaas, and this creature found his way to America by way of 17th century settlers in New York. It wasn’t until Washington Irving (better known by his pseudonym, Diedrich Knickerbocker) that America learned more about the saint of gifts who rode on horseback every Eve of Saint Nicholas; and even then, this character would begin to resemble present-day American Santa Claus once a poem by Clement Clarke Moore was published in 1823; titled, A Visit From Saint Nicholas, or as it is more popularly known, The Night Before Christmas, this piece of literary fiction, detailed the reindeer names, the jubilant signature chuckle (Ho Ho Ho), and Saint Nicholas’ ability to fly up the chimney by touching his index finger to his nose. Even still, however, Saint Nick wasn’t quite finished traveling down the assembly line of time. From the 1860s on through to the 1880s, illustrator Thomas Nash was hard at work for Harper Magazine, adding the final touches to this mythical hero for their magazine cover; and once he finished, Santa Claus had become the rotund individual, who inhabited the North Pole, double checking a list that judged every child as fundamentally good or evil.

Thus you have Father Christmas: one part truth, and two parts fiction. And as for his trusty Rudolph, the ninth reindeer, the stories and songs are all just decadent leaves grown from the roots of commercialism, since the entire concept was invented by an advertising writer who worked for the Montgomery Ward Company back in 1939.

Crazy isn’t it?

December 2nd, 2010

Commercial Critic: Hp Envy with Beat Studio

The first of many critical commentaries on the world of commercials, I would like to turn the burning spotlight of scrutiny upon this first victim. I abhor those commercials that drown your consciousness in obnoxious jabberwocky copy. And, since they want to do something that may entertain – if not at least grip my attention – long enough to hear their message (of Buy Me), I decided to judge their garbage. And with that, I bring our first nonsense advertisement. The one that makes you wonder why someone got paid to create it in the first place.

Commercial Critic says, HP, I am never going to test out, mention, or purchase any HP ENVY14 with Beats Audio; I mean, really, the best thing you came up with was –”Why Love you music, when you can lust it?” HAAAAAAAA. Case and point of why I purchased a Mac Book Pro – I love music. Who seriously depends on internal speakers when they wanna bump the tunes?! Terrible idea, complete fail; try again – or better yet, give up.

“Get real, HP, ya put cabbage in ya laptops. Ya make gah-bage.”

August 25th, 2010

What Happened to iStrainGuide?!

Well, as it turns out, the developers had some problems and were forced to switch it over onto a separate account; in other words, the application was resubmitted and should be available in a few more days.

Updates have been continuing since it was removed from the itunes store, and they will keep coming every week from here until forever.

Make sure to follow them on twitter @iStrainGuide to receive great tips about cannabis treatments, interesting trivia and fascinating facts regarding the buffalo of plants! They are also on Facebook as ‘The iStrainGuide.’

August 17th, 2010

Justin Bieber isn’t One of the Four Horsemen, Yet

He’s just a little horseboy. A small horseboy that wears the saddle of capitalist scum, who tug at the reins of wealth and point him in any direction they please. Justin Bieber is a disease: He is not an artist; He is not a musician; He is not a talent – he is not a genius. He is a horse boy – a god damn horse boy.

He has been airlifted to stardom by lame-ass Usher, who conveniently deemed himself a servant (since he does in-fact serve the public with shit music), and Justin Timberlake, whose bubble should have popped the same year as Britney’s cherry.

Horseboy is a problem. The horseboy always turns into a Horseman, and just as the two prior examples Ushered in the new Horseboy, Justin Bieber will hand the crown of capital to the next child star – ripe and ready for an ego trip.

Pop music is killing Music. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Every Mainstream Rapper to go platinum since 2005, Kings of Leon, and all the other crap that gets pounded into our heads via the 50-track radio station playlist needs to get shut down. Not by force, but by choice.

Find the better music and stop trying to stay with the crowd – look popular or belong. Define YOURSELF. Find YOURSELF. Learn about the world without your own eyes, ears and perspective. The world is deceptive. You will grow up – just like Justin Bieber – into a monster if you don’t teach YOURSELF.

The universe provided us with the tools necessary to see the world clearly for what it is – DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise: Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Billy O’Reily, and many other scumbags are taking advantage of you! The people pulling Horseboy’s reins are stealing money from you! You don’t like this music, you’ve just been told that you do!


And, Puff Daddy Diddy Puff is a thief and a cheat. He ripped Notorious on a record deal, and flicked the grieving family a million to cool them down. I hate that he was in Entourage because I hate him. He is a punk.

August 5th, 2010

Amadou and Mariam – ‘Je Pense A Toi’

August 4th, 2010

iStrainGuide has a Channel – iStrainGuide TV!

July 28th, 2010

A Connoisseur’s Critique: The Green Cross

Recently, I made a purchase from The Green Cross and recieved 3.5 grams of damp, grass-scented Sour Diesel; the product was disturbing and extremely disappointing. This is not the first time I’ve regretted purchasing from The Green Cross; however, I never had to return a product on account of it being unacceptable for use.

I called The Green Cross about the shwag-sack, and eventually they offered a replacement medication. When I met with the driver, I asked him to smell the bag. His reaction was just like mine – startled and stuck with disbelief. He told me that the entire shipment of Sour Diesel was under review, a direct result of my complaint.

I wonder if the Green Cross conducts quality assurance. Oh well, they handled the situation – I guess (I’m much happier with the Blue Dreams); nevertheless, I’m still hyper-focused on the fact that they sold me wet cannabis.

July 25th, 2010

Check out the iSG (istrainguide) logo!

The face of iSG

July 25th, 2010

Cannabis Club Prowler: The Green Cross

When convenience is your game – especially if you’re located within San Francisco city limits – The Green Cross is your best option. Specializing in Medical Cannabis Delivery, The Green Cross offers a wide variety of cannabis flowers, along with a hefty selection of edibles, concentrates and Green Cross memorabilia, ready to show up at your door.

If you’re interested in joining the Green Cross, send them an email ( that includes your recommendation, and your California Driver’s License. Once that’s complete – visit their website ( and feast your eyes on the virtual menu, offering pictures and descriptions of each item in their inventory. Now that you’ve made a decision, call them at (415) 648- 4420, check that they’ve recieved the necessary documentation, and then place your order.

Eighths (3.75 grams) are $40 dollars, quarters (7.25 grams) are $80, half-ounces (14.5 grams) are $160, and full ounces go for a cool $300 (with all prices including tax). The Green Cross also offers Mix-A-Lot bags, which are down-priced bags of smaller nuggets, weighing either a half (for $130) or full ounce (for $250). Other savings come in the form of overstock specials, which mark random strains down a couple notches; it’s best to check their website every week to get the scoop on the Overstock items since they do periodically change.

After you’ve placed the order, you have to decide how you’re getting the medication. If you’re within San Francisco city limits, give them a delivery address; if you aren’t in city limits, arrange for a place to meet their driver (one of their favorite places is at the intersection of 11th and Harrison) alongside a U-Haul parking lot. Tell the phone representative the make and color of your car, and make sure you decide on an accurate meeting time, or just call them when you arrive.

The Green Cross is a friendly, convenient option for any Bay Area Cannabis Patient. They are quite hospitable to new patients (oftentimes offering gifts like lighters, jars, free edibles and knick-knacks) and are one of the only dispensaries to inform customers of their inventory before you place an order.